Renovations Team
Leader Job Description

Renovations Team Leader Job Description

We are seeking a skilled and experienced crew leader to join our team. As a renovation team leader, you will be responsible for working at various renovation projects, ensuring a good pace of work and quality workmanship. The ideal candidate should have good experience and expertise in paint spraying, cabinet installation, electrical work, plumbing, ceramic tile installation, LVP (luxury vinyl plank) installation, and carpentry.


- Completing renovation projects from start to finish, ensuring completion before deadline, adherence to project specifications.
- Install and or repair cabinets, ensuring precise measurements and proper fitment.
- Perform electrical work, including wiring, installation of fixtures, outlets, and switches, and troubleshooting electrical issues.
- Handle plumbing tasks such as installing or replacing fixtures, valve replacement, use of pro-press, and resolving drainage issues.
- Expertly install and repair ceramic tiles, ensuring precise layout, cutting, and grouting.
- Perform installation of LVP flooring, following proper techniques and ensuring a seamless finish.
- Utilize carpentry skills to complete tasks such as framing, trim work, baseboards, and other woodworking projects.
- Take direction from the field manager and collaborate with other team members.
- Adhere to OSHA regulations and maintain a clean and organized work environment.
- Stay updated on industry trends and advancements, continuously enhancing skills and knowledge.

- Valid driver's license

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