From elegant urban high-rises to suburban apartments, we are experienced to deliver your vision for any space.

Equality in everything

Whether we're renovating classic multifamily apartments or performing full-scale renovations on high-rise apartment complexes, clients can anticipate flawless craftsmanship in every unit Equality Builders touches. From redesigned communal and mixed use spaces, corridors, to upgraded kitchens and pet-friendly amenities, these renovated properties are revolutionizing the standard for multifamily living.

Success through collaboration

In the realm of multifamily renovations, we tackle intricate endeavors that demand meticulous planning. We establish comprehensive plans and collaborate closely with our partners to comprehend the financial, scheduling, and design objectives of each project. By aligning visions and fostering open communication, we ensure a seamless journey from concept to completion, delivering exceptional results for our valued clients.

Every little detail

We recognize the intricacies of multifamily construction demand utmost precision and thoughtful deliberation. From the smallest details to the replication of design elements in every unit, we prioritize excellence in all multifamily endeavors. Our team diligently evaluates material specifications and management plans to ensure the delivery of top-notch amenities and meticulously crafted living spaces. By upholding our commitment to quality, we create multifamily developments that exceed expectations and provide exceptional experiences for residents.

Unrivaled expertise in multifamily

Renowned for our expertise in multifamily renovations, we are the trusted choice for property owners, investors, and property management companies. With thousands of successfully completed units per year, we consistently deliver an exceptional renovation experience. Each renovation is approached with utmost care, ensuring the safety, schedule adherence, and specialized attention that every single unit deserves. Our extensive knowledge in multifamily renovations allows us to tackle the unique challenges of these projects, guaranteeing flawless execution and surpassing expectations. When it comes to multifamily, Equality Builders is unmatched in providing an unparalleled experience, time and time again.

Our Clients Say

Thanks so much to the office scheduling staff they both definitely know the true meaning of exceptional customer service. The quality of the work is over the top, their quick response is fantastic. The techs are very detail oriented and I am a neat freak guy so I can’t complain. The techs left the area clean almost every single time I have used them. I gave them 5 stars for quality, cleanliness , super quick response, friendliness and on time scheduling.

Rodolfo Barbosa

Our Clients Say

They did an excellent job and surpassed my expectations. My neighbor, who is an interior designer, said to me - hold onto their contact info - and I've already referred them to one of his friends.

Scott Adams

Our Clients Say

We are so happy with the job they did because they saved us a lot of money compared to replacing the tub and tiles, it looks like new! They were here on time and they were so professional...

Kelly Smith

Our Clients Say

Found them online, they responded quickly, offered a really accommodating schedule, and gave very affordable prices. They showed up on time and did a great job! They were very professional, clean, and courteous. The bathtub looks brand new!

Naomi Evelyn

Our Clients Say

I used to be an assistant manager for 3 residential properties for about two years and I must say…every time I had to schedule a repair, or had any questions, Equality Builders managed to get the job done. Equality Builders continues to provide the most EXCEPTIONAL and cost-effective service throughout our residential portfolio. Their technicians are fabulous, including their administrators. I admire how competent, efficient, and meticulous Equality Builders are.

Zahra Osman ARM
Providing an Equality experience in everything we do Providing an Equality experience in everything we do Providing an Equality experience in everything we do Providing an Equality experience in everything we do

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